4 Nov 2012

I started my new job back in February.

It's "bit" delayed, but back in February I started a new job.

I was employed with the Birkerød (north of Copenhagen) based company AdMad, as a backend developer and systems administrator.

During my time with AdMad I’ve had the pleasure of working on a many different systems as well as kept the Linux servers up and running.

Amongst the highlights I can mention:
I’ve written a distributed mail delivery system meant for promotional emails, which have been used for sending out millions of mails.
Before spotify and wimp came around, I had the pleasure of maintaining the systems for one of the first music streaming services in Denmark. It was called TouchDiva.
I’ve written a document parser for the e-magazine AdMagz, that converts PDF-files into SWF (Flash) and image-files for online viewing.
And I’ve enjoyed working on chanti’s site, where I played a key part in developing their new HTML-based site which replaced their old flash-based site.

The new job (which isn't so new anymore) is as a Systems Developer at PeerCraft located near the center of Copenhagen.
I'm looking forward to spending a long time working with these wonderful people.

PS.: It's good to be popular I've been on most popular images for about 6 months. :)