1 Dec 2010

Now a Supporting member of KDE e.V.

And now to something I've very passionate about, OpenSource and specifically KDE.

A few months back KDE e.V. started the "Join the Game"-campaign ((http://jointhegame.kde.org/)),

asking people to give financial support to the KDE project. And as I've loved KDE for almost as long as I've been using Linux, I decided to join the game and give 25€ per quarter to KDE e.V.

Back in October I received a gift from KDE e.V. along with the welcome-letter for the organization.

I love KDE, well I love KDE as much as it's possible to love a piece of software and what a piece it is :).
The KDE Software Compilation (KDE SC) is a large collection of software, that I use on a daily basis, from the KDE desktop to many of the applications provided by KDE and related projects like Amarok. I even use KDE Apps under Mac OSX, especially Okular ((Okular is KDE's document-viewer with some very useful feature, that I've grown depended on)).

I do hope that I at some point can contribute something more than just a few € to the project, in form of some more code or translations ((I've previously submitted patches to Kopete and Amarok, and I translated KDevelop 4.0 to Danish in time for the 4.0 release.)),

but at the moment this is all I can do.

If you too like KDE and want to support it with a few € please go join the game at http://jointhegame.kde.org/.